Within the scope of the Bilateral Cooperation Fund EOG a partnership project with the Musical Institute of the University of Bergen titled "Edward Grieg and His Times" was started and developed. Musical workshops for students of conservatories will be organized on 23rd November 2015 and will be crowned with the open concert sacrificed to Grieg's compositions performed by the best workshops participants. Also, the international musicological conference "Edward Grieg and His Times" is planned for 24th November 2015 along with the accompanying lecture aiming at popularization of the composer's work.

After the conference, the Karol Szymanowski Academic Symphonic Orchestra will perform the musical compositions related to the main theme of the event. Students and the Silesia Region inhabitants will be warmly welcomed to participate.

The goal of the workshop held on 23rd November 2015 is to explore and interpret the vocal and instrumental compositions of Edward Grieg. Students will be working under the supervision of the outstanding specialists - musicians, musicologists and lecturers of the Grieg Academy of the University of Bergen and the members of the International Grieg Society. The workshops will be dedicated to various issues: the pronunciation of the Norwegian language, text interpretation and finally working on the musical material.

The musical conference organized on 24th November 2015 will be devoted to Edward Grieg himself and his contribution to the Norwegian culture and the European heritage. Its main objective will be to show the role of the Grieg's music in shaping the European 19th-century music and the influence it had on the 18th-century and 20th-century composers. The conference will gather the excellent Grieg's music researchers. Eight lectures will be given to the conservatories students and lecturers.

The conference proceedings will be issued both in Polish and English as a part of the project. They will contribute significantly to the existing musicological world literature dedicated to the composer and they will be also the first Polish scientific Edward Grieg’s monograph. Broadening the awareness of the role he played in the history of music and popularization of him as an artist and his music in Poland are next event’s objectives.

During the conference the investment project entitled “Redevelopment of the Monumental Facility of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice” will be presented.

The partnership activities during the development of the "Edward Grieg and His Times" project will strengthen the bilateral cooperation between Poland and the donor country thanks to the collaboration reinforcement between the Academy of Music in Katowice and the Grieg Academy of the University of Bergen.


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The partnership activity "Edward Grieg and His Times" is subsidized within the program entitled “Restoration and Redevelopment of Cultural Heritage”.

The sources were provided by the EEA and Norway Grants obtained from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway as well as from the national funds.


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