The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice is the oldest university operating in Upper Silesia. Its beginnings date back to 1929, when the National Musical Conservatory was established by Witold Friemann. The activity of the conservatory was inaugurated by a ceremonial concert on September 28, 1929.


Studies at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice are conducted at two Departments:  Writing, Interpreting, Education and Jazz as well as Vocal-Instrumental. Artistic and academic activities are currently offered at two Institutes, ten Faculties and three Departments where approximately 1000 people study. For the last couple of years, the Academy of Music has been offering paid studies for foreign students on selected majors with classes conducted in English. Furthermore, the academy offers student and lecturer exchange with international universities within the scope of the Erasmus Scholarship Programme (currently Erasmus+).


The Academy of Music owns a concert hall with a changeable arrangement and acoustics, a library with reading room, special rooms for therapeutic classes, rhythmics and sound research.  The underground space of the monumental building of the Academy located at ul. Wojewódzka 33 is the seat of the Silesian Pipe Organ Museum - this is the only facility of such type in Central Europe. The museum gathers, secures and protects items related to the pipe organ and its history.


The pride of the academy is brought by the students and graduates who obtain numerous awards at international and Polish musical competitions. Graduates of the Katowice-based Academy of Music can be found in the best Polish small ensembles, symphonic orchestras, music theatres, musical education facilities at all levels as well as music-related media such as press, radio and television.


The university is one of the central points on the music map of Silesia. While educating great artists and teachers, it gathers many musical individuals who operate in the field of writing music, performing and academic work. The academy is respectful towards the history and shows concern for the rich traditions created throughout the years of its operations while developing its artistic mission and indicating further directions of activity.


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