The project entitled “Redevelopment of the monumental facility of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice” covers renovation and restoration works completed at the Gothic Revival facility of the Academy, especially restoring the splendour of the Bolesław Szabelski Auditorium by uncovering the multi-colour polychromies and developing a new pipe organ as well as renovating the facade, the roof and the surroundings of the building. The project also aims at growing the artistic and academic cooperation with the Norwegian partner, i.e. The Grieg Academy, University of Bergen.

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  • SENIOR ACADEMY OF MUSICIt aims at teaching students about various types of the human voice and instruments - their scale, design, history, methods of articulation and characteristic features. The exercises will include the “Home Song Book” which aim is to restore the traditional, amateur singing at home.
  • MUSIC THERAPY WORKSHOPS AND INTEGRATIVE CONCERTSThe aim of music workshops with people with disabilities is to work on cognitive processed by means of playing music and singing together, improvising and performing music exercises. The aim of the concerts is integration of people with disabilities and socialising children and youth.
  • PIPE ORGAN MUSIC RECITALS AND TOURS IN THE MUSEUMThe event participants will have an opportunity of listening to pipe organ music, learning about the achievements of the Academy of Music in Katowice and seeing the unique museum exhibits, iconography and documents dedicated to these special instruments.
  • GRADUATION CONCERTS OF STUDENTSGraduation concerts are an opportunity of discovering the works of different composers coming from different epochs as well as songs written for various instruments and voices.
  • “YOUNG ACADEMY OF MUSIC”It will be aimed at schools of music in the Silesian Province. These classes will concern topics not included in the school curriculum, covering early music, church music, contemporary music, conducting, the specifics of working at an orchestra as well as methods for combatting stage fright.
  • “ACADEMY FOR PRESCHOOL CHILDREN”Aimed at children between 2.5 and 6 years old. These classes will have a positive effect on developing sensitivity and music experiences of young children and will enable to shape the child’s interest in music.
  • CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC EVENTSThe renovated auditorium will offer numerous guitar musical evenings, vocal and instrumental workshops, performances of students and lecturers of the Academy of Music as well as international guests.


The first seat of the Silesian Sejm
Aula historycznie

The project entitled “Redevelopment of the monumental facility of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice” will be implemented at the expansive Gothic Revival facility of the Academy located at ul. Wojewódzka 33 in Katowice. The building was erected as a German vocational school in 1898. In the 1920s the building housed the Silesian Sejm. The first historical session of the Silesian Sejm took place here on October 10, 1922. Currently, the monumental facility requires restoration of its splendour. Particularly the beautiful, multi-colour polychromies at the Bolesław Szabelski Auditorium should be uncovered.
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Planned cultural and educational events
Aula w nowej odsłonie

As the project entitled 'Redevelopment of the monumental facility of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music' has been completed, the Boleslaw Szabelski Auditorium has regained its past splendour. As a result of renovation and restoration works, the exceptional ornaments and decoration of the Auditorium have been brought to light. A new specially designed pipe organ has been installed, underlining the unique aesthetic values of the room. Since April 2016, numerous artistic, cultural and educational events have been taking place in the renovated Bolesław Szabelski Auditorium.
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Academy of Music

in Katowice
Akademia Muzyczna

It is the oldest university operating in Upper Silesia. Its beginnings date back to 1929, when the National Musical Conservatory was established by Witold Friemann. The Academy is one of the central points on the music map of Silesia. It educates great artists and teachers, it gathers many music individuals who are active in the field of music writing, performing and academic work. Studies at The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice are conducted at two Departments: Writing, Interpreting, Education and Jazz as well as Vocal-Instrumental.
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The Grieg Academy / Institute of Music conducts didactic activities within the scope of playing instruments, with emphasis put on early music, traditional music and jazz. Permanent cooperation with cultural institutions in Bergen results in intense involvement in the cultural life of the city, e.g. by participation in the Nattjazz Festival - one of the largest jazz events in Northern Europe.

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Revitalization of the historical building of the Academy of Music, and in particular, restoration of the splendour of the first historical seat of Silesian Sejm - the Bolesław Szabelski Auditorium, is a project for which we all have been waiting. The Auditorium, which regained its former glamour, became a place of numerous musical meetings for both: the students and the residents of the region.


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