Intensive renovation and restoration works inside the Bolesław Szabelski Hall are in progress. It is apparent from the preserved source materials that the hall serving as the seat of the Silesian Parliament in the years 1922-1929 had a rich polychrome of walls and vaults – numerous ornaments, coats of arms and figures. After the war, polychromes were painted several times over.

Original polychromes hidden under layers of plaster are being exposed in the course of conservation works. A fresco depicting the figure of St. Hedwig – the patron saint of historical Silesia and the no longer existing wooden church of St. Lawrence of Mikulczyce – will, among others, see the daylight. Dating back to the 16th century church of St. Lawrence was moved in the early 20th century from Zabrze to Bytom, where it completely burned down in a fire in the 1980s.
Currently, there are first attempts to reconstruct the colour of arches and vaults. The effects of these works can be seen in the photo gallery below.



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